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MARK offers small apartments to rent. You are welcome to apply for an apartment, however we have an waiting list. Before applying we recommend you to view the videos and pictures on our webpage.

The apartments are not suitable for families with children – since thy are to small for that.


When applying please fill in the fields on page “Søk um íbúð” and transfer 250 DKK for an administration fee.

The rent is inclusive heat, water, electricity and internet. We currently have 2 types.

·        The one room apartment for 3.990 DKK/month. This apartment is for one person.

·        The two room apartment for 4.990 DKK/month. If two persons live there the price is 6.495 DKK/month


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at mark@mark.fo or call +298 290082.